Debuts: Tonight at 8 on KOMO-TV.

Airs: Mondays at 8 p.m.

Stars: Scott Gurney (Tyler), Jamie Pressly (Nikki), Adam Trese (Victor), Maureen Flannigan (Erin), Jacobi Wynne (Milo), Jason Behr (Dempsey), Eddie Mills (Scott) and Laurie Fortier (Cara).

Premise: A look at the complicated lives of a group of college kids in an intense athletic program at Cal Southern University.

Promise: "Push" is one of those shows in which you can just imagine the frenzied executives in a pitch meeting: "Think of it, Jamie! It'll be like `Fame,' but instead of knock-kneed dancers and gangly cellists with dreams, we'll have beautiful, sun-kissed athletes! In spandex! They'll train for the Goodwill Games and the Summer Olympics, experiment with performance-enhancing drugs and have torrid love affairs with coaches and professors! There will be scenes with half-naked blondes in steam rooms! Did I mention the spandex?"

"Push" lets you see what would happen if the kids from "Degrassi Jr. High" made a porn movie without the sex, leaving only bad setups and corny dialogue. Everybody's beautiful and thin and full of angst. But certain details about "Push" are a little too nagging to ignore. First, aren't most gymnasts too old to compete in the Olympics by the time they hit college?

Another major point of contention: Where are the black people? There's one African American in the entire cast - a track and field athlete, of course - and he's made out to be a cocky antagonist.

And why should we care about these people? The Olympics take a four-year break between competitions. What made ABC think we'd want to see a weekly show with a bunch of faux Olympians working out and trying to hop in the sack with one another? "Push" is so bad that the second week it airs, KOMO-TV is pre-empting it with a special hourlong program on, of all things, health. Trust us when we tell you that you won't be missing anything.

No stars.

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